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Welcome to the God is Good Apparel Company!

We're so thankful you’re here.

Life is full of ups and downs and it’s easy to get distracted, knocked off course, and left questioning whether you’re on the right path. No matter if you’re on the mountain top of life, or in the trenches, we believe one thing holds true: God is Good. It’s this foundational belief that inspired us to make a daily reminder for ourselves - a small, simple bracelet imprinted with the phrase - “God is Good All The Time.” 

As we began to wear our bracelets out in the “wild” we experienced firsthand the transformative power of the message. It sparked conversations, lifted spirits, and connected us with others who shared the belief in the goodness of God. It felt as though we were handing over a little piece of faith, hope, & love. It was clear God had placed this on our hearts for a reason, and we committed to sharing this message with the world.

This led us to creating the God is Good Apparel Company, where our mission is simple - to inspire and uplift through meaningful clothing & accessories that carry a powerful message.

For every item purchased, we make a commitment to give away two bracelets. This isn’t just about selling merchandise; it’s about creating a movement, one bracelet at a time.

The act of giving away two bracelets at a time is a core part of our identity. It symbolizes the idea that goodness is meant to be shared, multiplied, and experienced together. Whether you wear one yourself or pass it on to someone in need of a reminder, each bracelet becomes a conduit for spreading the simple yet profound truth: God is Good All The Time.

Every bracelet tells a story—a story of God’s goodness that inspired its creation and the journey it embarks on as it finds its way to your wrist.

Help us in our mission by sharing the God is Good Apparel message with your friends, family, or even a stranger. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positivity that goes beyond the bracelets and touches the lives of those around us.

From the bottom of our hearts - Thank you

Sending you peace, love, & happiness

The God is Good Team